French Polynesia

2 words seem to sum up French Polynesia for many...

Overwater. Bungalows.

While not the only place on earth to get cozy above the ocean, it's certainly a celeb favourite we can't resist.
Some highlights:
  • bungalows that just happen to be overtop the sparkliest bluest water you've ever seen
  • unique cuisine that highlight the freshest seafood you'll eat
  • laidback luxury
  • marine life you'll have to see to believe

Kind Words

Booking my honeymoon through Glow was very much enjoyable. Amanda was very knowledgeable, prompt, and enjoyable to deal with. She managed to meet all of our expectations! I would definitely recommend Glow's services. Thank you once again for making our Honeymoon to French Polynesia memorable - you nailed it!
By Marko S. | Bora Bora
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